In addition to the traditional flavours of Achta, Pistachio and Rose, we have our own bespoke flavours which include Osmalieh, Halva, Date, Turmeric, Carob, Marshmallow and the vegan flavours of Meghli, Mango Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, and Strawberry Sorbet.

Achta: traditional Arabic ice cream made with orchid powder and mastic

Osmalieh: Achta ice cream surrounded by Osmalieh, a roasted semolina vermicelli, served with sugar syrup and garnished with crushed pistachio

Pistachio: our take on pistachio using the most premium pistachio!

Turmeric: cake turned into an ice cream flavour, made with the nutritious turmeric powder and an infusion of curcuma

Rose: made with a natural rose water

Halva (Halawa): sweet nutty and dry, halva is made from a sesame paste (tahini) and sweetened with vanilla

Carob: another cake turned into an ice cream flavour. Carob is considered the new chocolate! It is a pea that’s cultivated for its edible pods

Date: you’ve had dates, but our take on dates is nothing you have tasted before! 

Sea Salt Caramel: our latest addition! 

Marshmallow: equally loved by kids and grown ups! 

Coconut (vegan): made with coconut milk, a creamy, rich and refreshing flavour

Meghli (vegan): a typical Lebanese dessert prepared when welcoming a new born, it is made of rice milk, spiced with aniseed, caraway, cinnamon and garnished with coconut and nuts. We have transformed it into an ice cream flavour

Lemon Sorbet (vegan): contains fresh Lemon juice and is our most refreshing flavour

Mango Sorbet (vegan): made with the most premium mangoes, it’s juicy, sweet and rich in flavour

Strawberry Sorbet (vegan): made with freshly pressed strawberries, perfect flavour for the summer!