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Achta, Pistachio, Rose, Carob, Turmeric, Date, Chocolate, Vanilla and Sea Salt Caramel contain dairy milk and cream.

The topping in Osmalieh and Osmalieh Bites contains gluten and soy.

Halva (Halawa) contains milk and sesame seeds.

Our ice cream is pasteurised and it does not contain egg yolk or gluten.

Lemon Sorbet, Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Sorbet and Meghli are vegan.

Our dairy and vegan flavours are all made in the same kitchen so we are unable to guarantee a 100% nut-free/dairy-free/egg-free/gluten-free product.

Given the recent events in London, where well-established suppliers failed to enclose the complete list of ingredients in their products, and while all our ingredients are solely sourced from premium suppliers, we recommend customers who could potentially develop a life-threatening allergic reaction to food to avoid consuming our ice cream.

If you have any food allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements, please call us before placing your order.



We have been inspected twice by the Food Standards Agency and have been awarded the highest rating of 5 on both occasions. Click here to be directed to the UK's Food Standards Agency rating for Festok.