Our store on 14A St Christopher’s Place is open daily from 12:30pm to 8:30pm. Place your online orders before 7:30pm for same day delivery


We are the only producer of Lebanese ice cream in London! We started in 2017 in Marylebone, initially launching at food markets then growing through delivery and events catering. 

You can order our ice cream for delivery across London or have it at our shop all week long at 14a St. Christopher's Place, W1U 1NH. 

Lebanese ice cream is known for its light elastic texture. In addition to the traditional flavours of Achta, Pistachio and Rose, we have created our own bespoke flavours such as Osmalieh, Halva, Date, Turmeric, Carob and Meghli.

Our ice cream is natural, rich in flavour and quite addictive :) We also offer five vegan flavours: Coconut, Meghli, Lemon Sorbet, Mango Sorbet and Strawberry Sorbet!

You can find our full range of flavours here.